Dr. Keith Miller - Virginia Higher Education

About Dr. Keith Miller

An alumnus of the University of Arizona, Dr. Keith Miller earned a BS, a master of public administration (MPA), and a PhD in education. He has worked in administrative and educational capacities in post-secondary institutions across the country, including Fairleigh Dickinson University, Quinnipiac College, Niagara University, the University of Wisconsin, Lock Haven University, and Virginia State University. Dr. Keith Miller’s most recent role was as president of Virginia State, a position he held until 2014. Currently, he works with doctoral students at Virginia State University and consults with AASCU-Penson.

Dr. Keith Miller began his career in education in 1987 and has since been responsible for guiding several institutions through the reforms needed to stay competitive and provide the best education for a fast-paced world. This required constant innovation and the inclusion of new technologies such as laptops, digital books, and online learning. He also oversaw multimillion-dollar university building projects, including the first “green” residence hall at Virginia State University.

The results of Dr. Miller’s efforts have been far-reaching – especially, significant increases in the proportion of students from minority ethnic backgrounds, and the establishment of new faculties, often through public-private partnerships. The universities he has managed have consistently been rated among the top, and he has contributed to increases in research, grants, and fundraising.